Any researcher who contributes academically to SIM can become a member. Membership is free of charge. The main benefits of membership are the right to assert membership and the right to vote at elections.  SIM does not keep email data in the form of a distribution list, and does not send scheduled or frequent correspondence. Members can expect that they may be contacted on occasion in relation to normal scholarly activities (e.g. specialist peer-review, proposal calls for CIM/JIMS, etc.).

Prospective members are asked to email the (SIM secretariat). Please include name, affiliation, and mention keywords to describe your music research area(s). Please describe any current or prior contributions to CIM or JIMS.  On joining, you are asked to state your agreement with SIM’s bylaws. Membership is published on the Society’s website, on the Members page.

The secretariat maintains a confidential list of current email addresses and periodically asks members to update their information. Any member may terminate her or his membership at any time without giving a reason, by emailing the SIM secretariat.